Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CHRISTOPHER LG HILL 'Never Werk' + MASATO TAKASAKA 'Post-structural Jam (shut up! We know you can play...)'



MASATO TAKASAKA 'Post-structural Jam (shut up! We know you can play...)'

yo y3k Dudes

here is some info for the show for y3k


post-structural jam ( shut up!...we know you can play...)

fortcoming text by Damiano Bertoli

poster design/ technical assistance: Warren Taylor

can you put some of these jpegs on the y3K website?

talk soon

cheers Masato

Masato Takasaka
creative director

progressive masatotecture + design
masterplanning the universe

From: sao@hotmail.com
To: tonygarifalakis@yahoo.com.au
Subject: FW: endism text
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 03:12:34 +0000

Hi Tony
can you send it like this like as in the email?
or is it too much stuff to read? I like how i am describing what the work might mean...also included short bio and links people may or may not find interesting...anyway if this is too much I'm happy for you to write soething if you want!

Hi Tony

is this what you had in mind in terms of size of the jpegs?

they are from early 90's guitar mags...I like the fact they document a certain 'endism' of guitar based music, about the guitarist what it means to play guitar...what it means to be a guitarist...for some reason the quote about ' writing about music is like dancing about architecture ' sticks in my head as I was ripping these pages out ...also I was tryig to go for a richard prince sort of vibe...picture of the picture..kind of thing..the readymade photographic print image...kind of like a 'reverse collage'/or 'degree-zero'collage where everything is already a readymade...all the the elements..the graphic design, type, image, advertisements.The image/ text is already readymade collage...all I had to do was the act of ripping the page out ..(kind of like trying to do as least amount as possible...then I got Warren from the Narrows to scan them in and they will be blown up at AO size for a show I will be doing at the y3k Gallery in late august...)

also I hope to include some scans/ photos of cd covers/ back cover/inserts of bands I was listening to while in highschool...including helmet, pantera,metallica, slayer, yngwie malmsteen, dream theater etc...also documenting a kind of 'endism' of the early 90's late 80's ...before the grunge revolution? and when guitar music was at the height of popularity but also the end(ism) of this kind of music in mass culture?..sorry if this does't make sense....

er anyway I hope you like so far..and will get the images on disk to you at Utopian Slumps on friday



also do you need a short description of the stuff I'm doing? (i noticed you have that a an intro each time you email the blog out to people?)

Masato Takasaka is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art (by Research) at the Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Forthcoming exhibitions include ' Post Structural Jam ( Shut up! We know you can play..)' at Y3K Gallery, Melbourne ( August 2009 ) and 'Cubism and Australian Art' , Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne (November 2009)