Thursday, November 5, 2009

SWA? MEETING Paris, Saturday 14 November at Etienne's office in the 19eme



Geoff Lowe + Jacqueline Riva
15 rue Gutenberg
Paris 75015


James Deutsher

205 Young St.
Fitzroy Melbourne

Dear Geo and Jac and SPEECH and What Archive? crew,
I hope the day is good. This package is for the meeting in Paris, Saturday 14 November at Etienne's office in the 19eme.
It is a piece of core flute, some really shit architectural material, and had been folded in two (who knows how many times it has been folded by the postal service, Geoff said Colissimo post really sucks). If you cut it along the brown tape, it should fold open again quite easily to show some blank posters for you to perhaps use for the meeting. Of course do not be precious about these things. So maybe you can tape the core flute to the wall along with the other posters that I am thinking will be involved in the meeting and that is that.
Also there are some loose A4 photocopies in the package. Mostly they are from Zheng Guogu, the Chinese artist, and mostly they are of his architectural practice. Architecture informs the lived experience so carefully and creates personal memory archive as well as physical space with lived memory and experience. In some way similar to sending the poster board from Melbourne for you to use rather than you just using the regular method for the posters. Some unspoken presence. There are also two photocopies from work of New Zealand artist Tahi Moor.
It would be good for the package once used to be taped back up and sent back, so I can in some way experience the day. And if you do get to dancing, YouTube this one
James Deutsher, 6TH November 2009
M:+61 401 12 12 12
SKYPE ID: jamesdeutsher