Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MISHA HOLLENBACH indispensable duty



Anonymous said...

i have never in my life seen such a pile of shit. are you all so suckered into this game that you actually think that is good? post some art next time.

undemunb said...

This is bullshit, last time i tried to take my camera into the Salvo's and photograph random things some old lady had me thrown out.

How the hell did you get away with it?

Anonymous said...

Can wait for the opening everybody at the show will be so cool and that defiantly validates this shit as a work of art.

Anonymous said...

This would all be ok if it was an homage to Brancusi, but in usual fashion his inspiration (read: source) is kept behind closed doors so as not to expose the artist for what he is. I just read the catalog and there is not a mention of Brancusi and this is obviously the direct source of reference.

Anonymous said...

I hate you

Anonymous said...

I hate you

constantin said...

Smells like... it IS a pile of shit...... : )
(but then again, you(anonymous) probably wouldn't know it even if you(anonymous) accidentally tread in it!)
Most of my reading is done sitting down....

James Deutsher said...

sorry this dialogue is so SHIT.

anonymous is would be good to at least have a pseudonym if you are afraid of your speech, so we can follow the comments. is is the same anon all the way through? i'll post whatever the fuck i like, 'post some art next time' are you serious? and what happens when i do post work by people the institution considers professional artists? you don't have anything to say. no comments on ida ekblad's work? she was just in the new museums younger than jesus show, or christopher l g hill who is currently exhibiting at the mca in their young artists survey show? talking about this is great but if you want to engage, lets actually do it properly.

i don't agree with anon, this work would not be ok if it was a homage to brancusi, there is no one direct source of influence in this show. how can the open acknowledgement of an influence justify something? misha, maybe you need to acknowledge google, hush puppies, strawberry scented red latex, franz west, hong kong 90's interiors, paul mccarthy, sulphur lakes, duchamp, man ray, your new baby, smelly shits, you tube, napoleon ice cream, drinking to much coffee, making the unreal real, hannah hoch, lennard at eagle leather and i could go on all day but is seems too direct and boring. the context for this work is one of the interesting things about it.

constantine, thanks for your comments, mostly i read design publications while i am sitting down, it helps me think about the responsibility of production. : )

Anonymous said...

james, please use correct grammar.
you said. . "drinking to much coffee, "

I think you mean "too much coffee"

They are very different statements and quite honestly your lack of that extra 'o' confused me greatly..

PS. Not having a pseudonym does not mean I am "afraid of my speech", it merely means I do not wish to hand over my email and details to a massive corporation like Google. Do you realise you need to start an account in order to have a pseudonym??
Those that do not wish to be part of gmail, facebook, twithead and all the other watchdogs have to settle with being 'Anonymous'. So don't have a go at me about 'anonymous' postings!!

PPS. I only made one post above, the one about Brancusi.

PPPS. I came to your site to see if there was any validity in this particular work. I'd leave positivity or negativity for this or any other art on your site if I have seen it.

James Deutsher said...

anon who only made one comment above about brancusi, once again, there is no conversation in what you are saying! if you want to keep your integrity by not being a part of google etc... what are you doing trawling and engaging with blogs in the first place? if you are going to dip a toe in, take the plunge and..... sign up! they already know where you live anyway. sorry, it just seems like you are trying to take an ethical high-ground from that comment when clearly this whole conversation, on both sides, is dumb. by the way you can still sign off with a pseudonym in the body of your comment without singing up to google.

and thank you for pointing out the grammatical error, sorry to confuse you. i would suggest that if this easily perceivable mistake confuses you, then contemporary art is not the right place for you anyway!, the way you are seeking validation of work seems very far fetched to me. what, so if work acknowledges references or has validation on a blog then it is good art? this is just as crazy as the other anon's comment about the calibre of people at the opening determining the validity of the work. have people stopped thinking? i know i have...

SHIT loads of peace

; )

Anonymous said...

yep. . . . . . who knows how i scored my job in this institution. certainly not via my knowledge of art! thanks for making everything clear.

keep up the great work. we love what you are doing. you are always right.

with your hard work you may just make a legitimate artist out of him. it's a dream you should follow.

mrs pseudonym

James Deutsher said...

ca va,

i think this is an interesting point and maybe at the crux of this. when does something become a valid work of art? obviously there are so many levels operating here from collectors, institutions and all the way up. there are a lot of people along the line who do validate this work. it is also interesting that most support for misha is on an international level and this is something he has been able to create for himself where as many australian artists rely heavily on others with positions of power to create this for them.

for me, these open projects are really interesting. for example zheng guogu, the chinese artist, is my current favourite architect. BLESS are just as acknowledged by the art world as by the fashion industry. it is the context shift and the ability to critique and at the same time influence and produce popular culture that interests me in misha's work.

i am not trying to legitimise anything here, please understand that, it is not what this project is about. but i am glad that 'we love what you are doing'. it is good to know we have institutional support ; )


Anonymous said...

"it is also interesting that most support for misha is on an international level and this is something he has been able to create for himself"

"created for himself" - you might want to do a bit of research. I think he's had a little help on the way. both here and overseas.

James Deutsher said...

yes he has had support and patronage all over the place. you are right. it is pretty rare that people totally come of of nothing and maybe i got head of myself here. what i am trying to say is that he has transcended or circumnavigated the usual lines or routes 'artists' need to take. he and shauna have created their own space to move which is amazing. and of course that annoys some people.

Anonymous said...

I love you

James said...
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frank said...


fursace said...


ingol said...

Despite all of the defense that this "exhibition" received from it's organizers, in their feeble attempt the validate this artists and this crappy space.

Let's it be stated. for the record that this show was a flop and contributed absolutely nothing of any merit to artist dialogue anywhere.

The one saving grace of this project is however that it has helped prove that the artist in question is in fact devoid of any form of talent.

Thus resolving the debate once and for all.

Misha said...

Thanks Ingol for helping resolve the issue!
I suppose I should change my diet!

I suggest you shitting on a mirror tomorrow morning. Let me know how it comes out. I need some tips.


Anonymous- I just checked my dashboard dictionary: POO does have too 'o's!!!! Phew!
And you really should get onto Ingol, there's too (I mean two) gramamatickall errors.

Thanks everyone else! I LOVE internet 'shit fights', I really wish I had more time..... ; )

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

bulahi said...

can't we all get along?

out of hatred, intolerance and close-mindedness breeds bad things.

just like the old adage, 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all', in this instance, if you don't understand it, you shouldn't critique it.

anonymouses (and yes i do understand that this is not the grammatically correct plural of anonymous) if you're not open to experimentation and don't understand that every form of creative expression has its own belonging and right to existence, then this isn't your place in the art world. please find another suitable forum for such insightful comments as those posted on 16 october.

however if you're looking for an argument you might wish to post some examples of your own creative efforts on the internet for us all to slander. just remember to send us the link.